We believe that crafting should be valuable and that it should be possible for a crafter to earn money in the market place.

In the current state of the game, the problem is that once a player has unlocked the required skill, he or she can craft an infinite amount of items. This essentially means that one crafter in the world can meet the needs of everybody else. In the same way, one crafting building in the world could meet the needs for everybody.

We want to address this problem by introducing two concepts:
Crafting Endurance: crafting items will deplete some endurance from your character, which will recharge with Albion Online Power Leveling. This will not really affect you for normal items in normal amounts, however, might have an strong impact on special or higher tier items. The result is that those items will be limited in supply, allowing crafters to make money. Your crafting skill, in particular your mastery levels, will reduce the endurance requirements.

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