areful not to poke shoes with a hard object, scratc

For too long, not only easy to create bonding glue, and cause damage and it can lead to a canvas, plastic parts. Secondly maintenance of shoe is the 2nd be careful not to poke shoes with a hard object, scratches shoe to prevent sharp hard objects. 3rd, shoe maintenance must pay attention when cleaning, cannot apply brushes with brush, after washing, not dehydration with a washing machine, it is best not to use hand wringing, the best way to
Are the shoes with blotting paper and inneradidas springblade razor uk  most suck excess water on the surface, then put it in an airy place to dry. Remember that can no longer be placed in the Sun after washing. 4th, shoe maintenance would also like to note when shoes don't wear for a long time, preferably with newspaper stuffed in shoes and breathable cloth bag, placed in a dry and ventilated place, do not put in the dank area, this may cause the sho adidas js wings 2.0 uk  es musty smell. Labels: men's shoes grey shoes culture Board shoes women shoes what brand is good? what do the girls wear brand shoe? girls shoe brands such as Nike, adidas, special steps are pretty good, in all of which there are many more classic styles, can attract the attention of girls. Female
Wear shoes not only can make you look fresh and pure, and student workers, shoes are also more favourable actions, protect the foot from injury. Good girls shoe brand, a reporter interviewing a high school, one girl said, "I have no particular brand, as long as it is for their own good. "This girl's opinion represents a choice of many consumers to buy, and it doesn't have to be a brand, but to fit their shoes to buy. In addition, another girl in an interview with reporters, when asked what she thought the girls shoe brand is good, the girl said she would only buy brand-name, shrugged off the less well-known brands. Why when you buy a brand-name, the girl responded, because she thought that better quality brand shoes, more comfortable to wear. Especially not stinky feet of paper, then look for a small packet of antiseptic

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