corrected grain leather is damaged the grain layer and pressure

accelerators, stitching shoes and sneakers and other varieties. Upper materials or natural leather, cowhide, lambskin, pigskin, mules leather, camel leather, snake skin, shark skins, artificial leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, and regenerated leather. Identification, fabric shoes, you should first check the upper material, leather categories identified. Such as the use of "leather" grain layer without modification, with the original natural characteristics of leather: cowhide eyes small pores, irregular and more uniform; goat fur eyelet row after row was   nike air max 95 "vertically"; three-hole a bunch of pigskin, Word distribution. Yellow cow tissue and meticulous, Buffalo rough, coarse pores, eyes. Particle size characteristics of surface modified losing should be based on process and carefully Digest.With aniline finish aniline leather, characterized by surface with Crystal gleams, light is very

bright, no glare, no plastic feeling. Cooked made from natural leather leather, cowhide 5~6mm thick shoe to splitting machine with only two levels, the surface is the grain layer, organizing fibers carefully close, smooth appearance, strength, resistance to abrasion are good; inside is Suede, fiber diameter, gap, surface fluff. Than for the first layer of air max plus leather split leather surface is smooth and flat, two-layer leather slightly rough. Two tier leather finishing, film or foil surface can be see rough, but poor transfer coating leather low temperature resistance, wrinkle-prone when the temperature is low. Cowhide split leather flat, embossed, no obvious defects, pigskin leather tends to loom three couples of pores, and the Department's luster has faded. Distinguish corrected grain leather and leather for positive note, corrected grain leather is damaged the grain layer and pressure

patterns, the pattern types, such as cattle, sheep, pig-like, but the pattern without pores, and patterns are floating on the surface layer of the skin and eyes front leather pores are present, careful observations can be identified. Leather is in budiji, finishing with a layer of organic material, thin (faux lamb leather), thick (foam coated organic materials, then compress the pattern)-two, and more for women's shoes, children's shoes. Synthetic leather is made from organic fibers after the suppression, plus finishing laminated flowers made of leather, used for sandals. Recycled leather is to peel and grated skin fibers, after high pressure with an adhesive bonding, forming sheet, and then by the splitting machine to the desired thickness, then finish, giving it a certain leather characteristics, widely used in leather bags, a small amount of useShoe. Look at the difference between leather and

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