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Creating an amazing Halloween costume can be impressive, but one individual costume can be overshadowed by an entire group of amazing costumes. Huge hits, especially at adult Halloween parties, group Halloween costumes have become increasingly popular. A group of Halloween costumes will be given more attention because others will realize the time and energy it takes to make a group costume successful. If you're planning on attending a Halloween party with a group, why not put yourselves in the spotlight with a well thought out group costume.
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Gathering a group of family or friends and choosing a theme for a group costume can make Halloween even more enjoyable. Your first task is finding a few friends who are willing to participate. Choosing a theme should be the next step and everyone in the group needs to be in agreement.The theme can determine the size of the group required or the size of the group will narrow down the number of themes to choose from. If there are 5 people in the group, for example, you don't want to choose a theme that includes only four characters. Another example would be choosing a theme consisting of 7 people or characters when your group only has 5 people in it. This would mean that you would have to choose a different theme or find two more people to join your group.
Deciding who will take on which characters in the theme is possibly the most difficult part, after agreeing on a theme.Usually there are characters that are more sought-after than others and therefore more people will be attracted to those characters. There will be other instances where the height, weight, etc. of a member of the group may determine which character is best for them. If a decision cannot be made, you may be forced to resort to drawing straws or other similar methods in order to come to a decision.

This new trend of dressing as a group for Halloween can also be enjoyed by children. Though, it is often more complicated to get kids to agree on not only a theme, but similar to adults, choosing who will be which character. Often groups of all boys or all girls can make group children's costumes more successful. Each instance will be different, but when everything can be worked out, the experience will be a fun one for the kids. By organizing a group and dressing in a theme, you can make Halloween an even more enjoyable hoilday than ever. Group costumes will require some more thought than a single costume, to get your creative juices flowing, we have come up with a great list of group costume ideas to help you out. Once you read this list, you will see that it's not as difficult as you might imagine to come up with the perfect group Halloween costume.

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