Howard storm attack the basket the basket today play a

 Williams scored 9 points in the first half of the raptors, Lorie had 7 points, 4 assists, and 3 rebounds; Celtic Bradley scored 10 points. Shortly after the beginning of the third quarter the Celtics play 7-0, run, they scored 1 point. Rose by three points, walansiyounasi the successful storming Interior three times, the third section there are 5 minutes 40 seconds when the Raptors leading 64-57. After the Celtics ' offensive efficiency down, only Olinic  air max direct had 4 points, raptors perimeter to maintain fire, Patterson and John a Vasquez hit three points respectively, Lorie Johnson, offensive succeeded, with 2 minutes 35 seconds remaining in the third section the raptors with 76-61 a 15-point lead. Turner's driving layup and Olinic respectively, Williams, Johnson and Patterson each had two points, the Raptors led 82-65 when the three ends. Bath twice a dunk, he led the team with 12-3 run

 starting the fourth quarter, the Celtics to 77-85. Raptors Lori breakthrough score to stabilize after a pause, he leads a team even 6 points to fight back opponents. Smart in two free, feel hot in Los scored on three points, he scored 8Points and James Johnson played one split ring, fourth section there are 4 minutes when the Raptors leading 104-86 air max thea 18 points. Olinic and salinjie respectively made three points, Amir Johnson hook hits, fourth section there are 2 minutes and 15 seconds when the raptors to lead 106-92. Celtics ' no turning back after they lost 96-109. The Houston Chronicle reports rockets star Howard's right knee injury has not healed, according to his own introduction, that hurt good times and bad, before every game, he has to confirm the State of the knee, and then decide if I can play. Howard, Howard, Howard storm attack the basket the basket today play a

rockets game against Utah, but he said his knee is completely "daily" State. "There are days when the knee is feeling really great, for a few days and feel pretty stiff," Howard said. "Against Knight in that game, and I feel really good, jumps done rather easily, but the 2ndNight, the situation is completely different. I think as they grow, these problems will naturally arise. In years is that. After all, I played a lot of years, and accumulated a lot of playing time, and wish I could go back to the old dynamic State every night. "Howard said that the knee injury problems is something new for him, then he will continue to play and be very careful to protect both your body balanced. "This is a process, and wanted to return to my desired state, it must have a process," Howard said, "in my right leg in my whole career basically without any real big problems and hope come playoff time

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