lance between cushioning and strength, is the most

R mix balance between cushioning and strength, is the most classic Nike design. Air Max 180 Basketball no matter from which angle, even with the Air Force 180 atmosphere, most notably Mo translucent cushioned soles of modeling in the past. Air Force 180 Palm used a Nike air cushion just a Flash in the Pan 180 ° Visible in the history Air-Sole, now usually called Air 180, the pair of shoes is one of the biggest highlights of the bottom cushion, because Air 180 just short of two years before being replaced by Max Air, which almost caused the
Technologies like, emulate not so many people actually witnessing the Air before 180, few people really have to Air 180, feel. Making products to help them on the field to obtain the best results. This paragraph for Bryant tailored customized of Zoom Kobe 2 also continued has this concept, to meet Bryant for sneakers light, and close to ground and better shock absorbers performance of needs, this series shoes are used has single layer uppers design, weight only for 15 ounces (425 grams), series in the has a paragraph "secret weapons" more is only heavy 13 ounces (369 grams), makes whole double shoes is more
To light; and then hand off the ground only 18 mm, ball 8 mm, its thickness is much thinner than the same type of basketball shoes, soles, feet clos adidas js wings 2.0 uk e to the ground; the sole design adidas springblade razor uk used on the NIKE Free technology, the feet are extremely uniform. Barefoot movement feeling Free technology provides players and athletes foot sense maximum relaxation and comfort; the cushioning of the shoe, the Zoom Air perfectly match with the Free Palm, shoes shock absorbers performance is greatly enhanced, and give your feet the best protection. 4SnivsrA.jpg (20.88 KB) reloaded--NIKE Zoom Kobe 2 formally release 4SnivsrA.jpg remember SaVVeqEk.bmp (198.59 KB) reloaded--NIKE Zoom Kobe 2 formally defective or remember a wonderful traditional shoe can only be left to time, NIKE AIR ZOOM GENERATION by a layer of fabric, but dry and always stay with you, Even during a

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