Materials to use elastic limit load of not less than 65 manganese

man-made materials, bottomless base leather, manmade materials become based. Then touch, very strong sense of manmade materials plastic, shiny bright, sense of touch in the winter cold, smooth leather touch without the cold feeling. With thumb pressure finished shoes front more soft part, in thumb around leather will appeared many broken small, and uniform pattern, thumb lift opened, pattern disappeared; and artificial material may no pattern,  nike air max classic bw also may will appeared coarse lines, thumb lift opened, pattern does not disappeared, description material surface of grain surface layer and following of mesh layer has de opened has, with this fabric made of shoes not qualified. Er, Shoe Lane, hook, and sew shoes shoes are an extension in order to prevent deformation, reinforcing materials used in improving the feet touch requires shoes materials have a delicate touch, good air

permeability and moisture absorption and dehumidification, not color. Top grade leather shoes are made of natural leather and cotton production, is artificial substitute leather shoes is low-grade products. Shoes in following is Tang late, check Shi will shoes folding into 90 ° angle, cannot cracking, some fake shoes with not qualified  nike air max 90 regeneration leather Tang late and cardboard no spinning cloth Tang late, due to material in the LaTeX content low, sucking Khan Hou on soft has, soles of Gou Xin-zainei late and outside late between up bridge role of a article plate, on may wear out Tang late, and tied hurt feet Palm. Hooks, such as length, width, elastic modulus, deformation under the foreign forces, national standards are provided, but also to have some degree of flexibility and rigidity. Materials to use elastic limit load of not less than 65 manganese, 290N.Inspect the

upper stitch and uppers, soles glued joints, see if there is breakage, stitch specifications in order. polymer materials. Often used for jogging, walking, casual shoes, foot training shoes in the end. Light weight, ease of processing, not abrasion resistant, not oil resistant. Pros: lightweight, good elasticity, flexibility, and difficult to crease, has a very good color, suitable for all kinds of weather. Cons: easy water absorption, less prone to corrosion is bad for the environment, easily dirty. 5, the end of MD: MODEL or PHYLON feilong collectively, on thumbs ball district extrusion on will caused thumb valgus small series told everyone, pick shoes must to according to and for, don't focused on beautiful forget shoes of function, don't forget has, buy shoes we is to to himself of feet wear has, so certainly is to wearing comfortable best has. Small series here can recommend all

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