Messi Hat-trick Of Looking Humble Friend Said Nothing About The Return To The Nou Camp _ Ronaldinho

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 4 to 0 victory at Barcelona Sevilla win a war, of course, Lionel Messi hat-trick of the deal in the Hill. But always humble flea, but said nothing about the interview after the match hat-trick of the topic, he attributed all the credit in the teammates who are.
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 "The most important is that we achieved a difficult comeback, and won the season's first crown. Now we must remain calm and continue to grow in the new season." Messi said, "For whether the downturn, we have never had a shred of doubt. Some people say I'm not used to celebrate the World Cup ball, but today I did not feel ill. new players to join an excellent job, we became a team better than last season's team. "
 Will be in Barcelona next week, Gamber home against AC Milan Cup, when Ronaldo will return to Camp Nou. Barcelona Dream II dynasty, as the core, leaving Barca Ronaldinho did not receive due respect. Late in the 07/08 season, Ronaldinho in injury two months after the sale, he did not get the chance to say goodbye to Camp Nou and the fans. "I look forward Gamber Cup, Ronaldinho should be a great send-off ceremony for the Barcelona he done so much." Messi hopes to treat fans R10, Ronaldinho is the best flea friends.

 Barcelona's reversal, but ultimately, early manufacturing Pedro Oolong break the deadlock. "I am very happy because the team kicked out of a great game." PR17 said, "is very important trophy of all, all the Barca players have a limitless desire to champion. This match will allow We start with a new season full of confidence. "


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