Since the film will be broadcast on television. "Livi

Since the film will be broadcast on television. "Living your greatness" campaign aims to inspire everyone to achieve their personal goals, while NIKE + Running, Nike + Basketball, Nike + Training and Nike+ Fuelband, you can let the ordinary people around the world judge themselves like athletes for their performance, but also inspire them to strive for more, to fight. Nike+ digital system in the world, with more than 8.5 million members. Nike Nike+ created a series of tasks to motivate people. Such as through the
"Greatness is Ours" tasks, planned by Nike+ on August 12, recording the amount of data the biggest day ever. While at the same time to complete the task but also for our city in the "great city" game to add luster. Involved in the task, people will be encouraged to use social media to share their activities and accomplishments inside, a   adidas aps og uk  nd these will be in the Nike + Fuelstream this dynamic platform that supports image upload and exchange of user experiences to display. Nike micro-blogging channels @JustDoIt, @niketraining, @nikerunning, @nikebasketball,@nikewomen will join us, by encouraging users @ reply these accounts and interactions, to help stimulate and promote users harvest their own greatness. Activitieadidas zx flux s, the core platform is network to share progress and success experience base, through which a predetermined set of tools and services to help each
An athlete to make progress. Find Your Greatness Film short film "living your greatness" film shows everyday sports enthusiast from around the world to train, play and game scenes, string together the main ways in which these scenes are all locations have "London" Word. Scene greeted the first movement is "gym in London," one man doing sit-ups after exercise, and the camera switches to South Africa called "East London" place, where the Rugby match being held, a boy broke his opponent's defence. In Jamaica's "little London", a female boxer wearing boxers form exquisite skill and accuracy to the exercise

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