India is a center of innovations and it is the home of flavors, as well. Each person coming to India cannot leave the country without eating the Indian food. It attracts people all over the world and it has its unique place in the world’s cuisines. Among the most popular Indian restaurants Green Chili is the best Indian Restaurant Canmore. The food that is served here is so vast that you can order a new cuisine every time you come here. It is a place that has all the dishes of the different parts of the regions of India and each of them is just a wonderful dish with its mouth watering flavors.

In general, Indian food is famous for its spices which are the basic ingredients. In Green Chili you can come across the incredible mixtures of these spices and get amazed at the huge variety of food. Every item of the menu is prepared with great care. The whole staff strives for making your meal wonderful creating a fantastic atmosphere. There a number of delicious offers and as a large number of Indians are vegetarians, you can find many healthy dishes in this cuisine.

Coming to Green Chili you also have the best chance to enjoy the Indian Fine Dining Calgary. The basic starters of Green Chili are Papadum, Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable Pakoda, Kachumbar salad. The Indian Fine Dining Calgary will always satisfy you and the starters are then followed up by the Paneer Tikka, Paneer do Piaza, Jeera Aaloo, Mushroom mutter etc. The experienced and wonderful chefs also prepare dishes for non vegetarian people or tourists. These dishes include beef/lamb or goat curry, lamb or beef Korma, beef Samosa and so on. These delicious dishes can be a wonderful experience for you, if you are new at this restaurant. The chefs have amazing knowledge about the regional dishes and you can be sure that you will be served consistently good meals.

Green Chili will take you to a wonderful world of flavors where you will be amazed at the huge amount of different meals. The best Indian Restaurant Canmore has really much to offer you. The mouth watering dishes also include Jalebi, a famous dish in India. It is red and round like a pipe filled with water, sugar and many other ingredients like cardamom. The desserts of Green Chili also include milk cakes, barfi and so on. The Indian flavors are various – from North India to South, South to East, East to West. Some special dishes of this restaurant sometime mix the Eastern and the Western tastes making a wonderful combination and fulfilling each client's needs.

Never hesitate to visit Green Chili as the best place for Indian special dishes. No matter you are a vegetarian or not, any type of dishes are available here. This restaurant will be a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with the Indian cuisine. You can be sure that you will be confused by the different sorts of dishes which are delicious and incredible at the same time.


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