This section after 5 minutes of playing the magic cast

The   nike air max plus uk  two sides drew 21-21. After the first quarter, the Lakers down 23-26. Boozer putbacks in the second quarter and the start successful, Lin was hit several times after three minutes, the Lakers 7-0 with 30-26 back in front. This section after 5 minutes of playing, the magic cast.


One nike air max 95 womens goal, Lin hit a ball, the Lakers leading 36-28. More than half of this section, send pass to Jeremy Davis alley-OOP Dunks, La 30-20 ahead by double digits. Halftime, Lakers ' 52-38 hold the upper hand. Magic in this section is only 1.


2. Third nike air max 90  quarter with 8 minutes 14 seconds remaining, Kelly three-hits, the Lakers leading 58-44. Darren Fletcher is also a three-, the magic began to fight back aggressively. In this section there are 4 minutes and 35 seconds, Oladipo alley-OOP Dunks, magic 61-68 down. Kelly.

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