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In the long history of Soccer, there are a large number of super Soccer Giants in different nations of the world. Some of them are skilled in shooting and getting scores, some are adept in passing balls and managing the entire team, some are skilled in dribbling and have marvelous speed, and some possess superexcellent defending abilities and precise sliding tackle, even some possess marvelous reaction and prominent goalkeeping abilities. The prominent soccer history was, is and will be written by these athletes. Compared with average people, their outstanding efforts are as high as mountaintop. However, there are still several people locating higher than those "peaks". They are counted as idols by the young; their jerseys are the best wholesale jerseys and madly wholesaled by jersey wholesalers; their words are the truth for football zealots!
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 Diego Maradona
 In my view, the god of football is an argentine! He is the most dwarfish in the best 5, but he is a giant on soccer field. The figure on his jersey is 10, and he is a born "TEN". He always ends the match by scoring and assisting which are so easily carried out by his outstanding feet.
 More significantly, as an argentine, he relies on his own strength to overcome England Team whom is the quondam potentate of Argentina and creator of soccer! He is a real hero! Alternate stripes in blue & white are on his jersey from everlasting to everlasting!
 The only man who can be compared with Maradona is none other than this Brazilian. There are a large number of analogical points between Pele and Maradona: They are both from the South American; their jersey figures are both ten, they play the same position, they both come from favela, they are both treated as the king of football!

 Countless people, especially Brazilians, believe that Garrincha is better than Pele, but he spoils his gift. Garrincha's two legs are freakish when he is born, but he conquers the difficulty.

 Johan Cruyff
 He is the godfather of FC Barcelona. Both as player and coach, Cruyff is the most celebrated advocate of Total Football which provides viewers with the most beauteous football in the world!

 Franz Beckenbauer
 He is the emperor of FC Bayern Mchen. His position is very rare: Attacking Sweeper. Although the figure on his jersey is five, he is the organizor of the whole team!

 These best 5 football geniuses contribute to the development of football, they will be remembered forever! 

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